Mrzek - stin


Jiří Mrázek - Paintings and drawings from the collections of Gema Gallery

June 15 - April 31 8 2018

Opening Hours: Mon- Fri: 13:00 - 18:00






safranek katalog stiin - tabulka

Jan Šafránek - Colourful world of People (Art Book/Catalogue)


Gema Art publishing house issued a 136-page illustrated catalogue for the exhibition. The catalogue will be available at both exhibition locations at the price of CZK 800. You can also order the catalogue at umeni(at)


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sopko roudnice - stin PS

Jiří Sopko in Tábor

    17.5. - 22. 7. 2018

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sarajevska princezna - stin



Edo Jaganjac: The Princess of Sarajevo

In the summer of 1993, the eyes of the whole world were fixed on the story of a small girl called by the BBC "The Princess of Sarajevo." The five-year-old Irma Hadžimuratović was severely injured during the Siege of Sarajevo. The girl was taken to a hospital into the care of a young surgeon, Edo Jaganjac, who was determined to do his utmost to save her life. He had to face inhumane conditions in the besieged, sniper-infested city, and treat people in a hospital where conditions were far below even the most basic standards of care. Surprisingly though, his hardest battle was fought with the unwilling, incompetent, uninvolved and sometimes almost malicious bureaucrats and international officers – the so-called peacekeepers. Uninterested in politics, let alone the war, but determined to help his fellow citizens survive the war and its atrocities, Edo Jaganjac has written a memoir so strong it will leave a lasting impression in the reader's mind.
This international scandal resulted in the UN commencing one of the largest medical evacuation operations dubbed "Operation Irma". Hundreds of lives were saved by the airlift. All of these stories are featured in this bloody Sarajevo tale – an honest and heart-breaking testimony of a man who with steady hands but shaken heart tilted at windmills and fought the good fight for the most humane of reasons, more valuable than any military goal – he fought to save a human life.