Jaroslava Bičovská


Jaroslava Bičovská was born on 12 August 1945 in Brandýs nad Labem.
Study: College and High art school of Vaclav Hollar in Prague in 1960 - 1964.Although she completed secondary school with extraordinary honours, political considerations prevented her from continuing her studies at the Academy of the Fine Arts.
Thus, her early independent art career was connected with layouts for the graphic design of books for the Vyšehrad publishing house. However, she soon turned to book illustrations and then to free creation: she started with graphic art and drawing and later, in the 1960’s, she moved to painting. At the end of the 1960’s and beginning of the 1970’s she already was an original author. It was not until after the revolution that she was able to present her creative art to the public in both Czech and foreign galleries, where she finally received the recognition she deserves.

Representation in collections: National Gallery in Prague, The Czech Museum of the Fine Arts in Prague, The Seoul National Gallery (South Korea) and the Damascus National Gallery (Syria).




1986 Ebla Gallery, Damascus, Syria
1988 Museum in Příbram
1989 Gallery of municipality in Dobříš
1991 Galerie Hellmerich, Spittal, Austria
1994 Gema Gallery, Prague
1996 Gema Gallery, Prague
1998 Bohéme Gallery, Villach, Austria
2000 Exhibition hall Mánes, Prague
2004 Chateau in Brandýs nad Labem
2006 Prague-East Gallery, Brandýs nad Labem
2006 Riding hall in Bechyně
2007 Gallery of Critics, Prague
2007 Dreikönigkirche, Dresden, Germany
2014 Nová síň Gallery, Prague - excerpt from the exhibition Způsoby léta

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