Ivan Ouhel


Ivan Ouhel was born on February 18, 1945 in Ostrava.
1968 - 1974 - Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AVU), student of prof. Karel Souček
Since 1975 - public exhibitions in Czechoslovakia and foreign countries
1984, 1988 - He exhibited at Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy
1988 - Member of the Free Association 12/15
1992 - Member of Umělecká beseda ( Patriotic Society of Artists)
Since 1993 - In close collaboration with Gema Gallery
2009 - His for-part monograph was published and later nominated for the Graphic Masterpiece Award



SOLO EXHIBITIONS - selection from last years:

2001 Paintings - Drawings, Gallery Magna, Ostrava
2002 Ivan Ouhel: Connections, Klatovy – Klenová Gallery
2003 Terra genetrix, Gallery of Fine Arts in Most
2006 Ivan Ouhel: Figures and works on paper, Zlín
Ivan Ouhel: Paintings, Stone House, Kutná Hora (with E. Adamcová)
Ivan Ouhel: Paintings, Foyer of Municipal theatre, Kolín
2007 Ivan Ouhel: Figures and works on paper, North Bohemia Fine Arts Gallery in Litoměřice
2008 Drawings, Gallery Magna, Ostrava
2009 Discovered Space. Gema Gallery, Kolowrat palace, Prague
...southeast, Sýpka Gallery and Gema gallery, Valašské Meziříčí (with E. Adamcová)
2010 Ivan Ouhel: New works, Gema Gallery, Jindřichův Hradec
2011 Ivan Ouhel, Česká pojišťovna Gallery, Prague
2011 Ivan Ouhel, New painitngs, Exhibition hall Sokolská 26, Ostrava
2012 Ivan Ouhel: The Boundaries, Gallery of František Drtikol, Příbram
2013 Ivan Ouhel, Gallery of Town Trutnov, Trutnov
Ivan Ouhel: Geometry and Light, Verona, Italy
2014 Ivan Ouhel a Jiří Kačer: Pictures and stones, Fryštát Chateau, Karviná
2015 Ivan Ouhe: Above and below the equator, Czech Centre in Paris, France
Work on paper 1969 - 2015, Vltavín Gallery, Prague
2016 Color spaces, Hranice na Moravě

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