Jiří Kačer: Frontages and stone objects, 2018

Curator: Linda K. Sedláková
Venue: Galerie Gema, Máchova 27, Praha
Dates: 12. 4. - 8. 6. 2018
Contact: www.gemagalerie.cz
Opening hours: Mon - Fri  13:00 - 18:00

Jiří Kačer's exhibition presents 16 frotages, which the author creates from sheets of various structures and enamel reliefs, which he once created at the Smalt Art Vítkovice symposium. Frotages are complemented by three smaller stone objects.

Jiří Kačer (1952) graduated from the Secondary School of Sculpture in Hořice v Podkrkonoší with prof. Rudolf Šrajbr and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague with doc. Jiří Bradáček and doc. Antonín Nykl. He has been participating in solo and group exhibitions and symposia since the early 1980s, and has been a member of Umělecká beseda since 2004.

Kačer works mainly with stone, which he approaches very sensitively. A characteristic element of his work is the careful surface treatment, which respects the natural color and structure of the stone and enhances their effect. Although he has undergone figural training, he enhances the beauty of clean lines rather than looking for new shapes. Kačer's interest in surface structures also led him to create terrycloths - prints of various structures, which give the impression of archaeological finds from the time of the Babylonian Empire.

Frotage (from the French Frotter - rub, scrub, paint) is an artistic technique of copying, respectively. transferring the relief structure to the paper. The principle is to apply paper (usually solid paper from long natural fibers) to the relief. Its print is created by evenly traversing a soft pencil, drawing angle, wax chalk or paint roller over the entire surface of the covered relief.