Jiří Sopko - Galerie GATE, Prague, 2013

Curator: Linda K. Sedláková
Venue: Karlovo nám. 1/23, Praha 2
Dates: 15. 9. - 18. 10. 2015
Contact: www.galeriegema.cz

Galerie GATE in cooperation with Galerie Gema presented a new work by Jiří Sopek at the exhibition "Without People"

As part of the opening, Vladislav Vančura's "Whimsical Summer" bibliophily, published by Aulos, was christened. The book contains twelve color linocuts by Jiří Sopek.

After six years, Sopko returned to the Prague exhibition scene with new works and, as always, his exhibition aroused great expectations and excitement. The very name "Without People" raised numerous questions. Is it possible for Sopek's paintings to be completely free of the figure and dominated by the landscape? fourteen canvases depicted only landscape sections from the Rynoltice area, and the author had in his head a cycle of almost impressionistic paintings of meadows and fields, thinking that I was tired of people and that he would paint, as he himself said, just "what he sees." However, when he went to the cottage, where he mostly creates and where he is away from the city bustle, his heads suddenly and then the whole figures crept on the paper themselves. Sopko himself says that he is returning to the world of children and that he is relaxing in small acrylic formats on paper, and indeed, it is a pleasure to watch them!

As at the last Prague exhibition, Sopko also included three sculptures in the exhibition, this time cast in bronze, namely: The Head, Mr. Brousek and Přebíračka. These are works from the 1980s, which Sopko has now translated into new material. As with his classic diptychs and triptychs, he researched what one motif does in different colors, and as these color variations interact, so he curiously tested how different material realizations would "behave". In addition to the four canvases from last year and the above-mentioned sculptures, she presented an exhibition exclusively of this work, painted using the acrylic technique, either on two-meter canvases or on 65 x 50 cm papers. The exhibition will run until November 30, 2013 and was created in cooperation with Galerie GATE and Galerie GEMA. Linda Sedláková



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