Pavel Mühlbauer: The Path, Praha, 2016

Curator: Linda K. Sedláková
Venue: Galerie Gema, Máchova 27, Praha
Dates: 7. 10. - 25. 11. 2016
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 13:00 - 18:00

Pavel Mühlbauer does not exhibit often, but even more so, each of his exhibitions is a holiday of Czech landscape painting. In today's hectic times, there are only a few painters who approach their work with such humility and honesty as he does. He paints a landscape that he knows intimately and which he has passed through countless times at different times of the day and season. Specifically, the Šumava meadows and groves, to which he, as a native of Sušice, was always close. But despite this intimacy, he always sets out again and again, because he wants to constantly refresh his impression and feeling of the landscape. So he is a painter constantly on the way. Whether physically in nature or in search of a representation of acquired impressions. He honestly observes the landscape, records the moods and impressions that interest him on the spot, and then works with them in his studio. Without unnecessary pictorial talk, he focuses only on the essentials - the spatial relationships in the landscape and the color perceptions from it.

Pavel Mühlbauer was born on June 8, 1949 in Sušice. Studies: 1969 - 75 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studio of prof. Jana Smetana. Founding member of the Kruh art company in Kostelec nad Černými Lesy, he has been a member of the Umělecká beseda in Prague since 1999. Since 1979 he has been exhibiting independently, in 1993 - 2003 he participated in the legendary traveling exhibition Minisalon organized by the Jazz Section - Artforum in the Czech Republic, Belgium, France and the USA