Vojtěch Horálek, Czech centrum in Paris and Gema Gallery, Paris 2013

Curator: Linda Sedláková
Venue: 18 rue Bonaparte, Paříž
Dates: 20.9. - 18.10. 2013
Contact: https://www.gemagalerie.cz/cs/

Vojtěch Horálek has been noticing the essence of ubiquitous oriental culture on Czech streets for a long time. He found a specific subculture that has a taste of romance, distance and adventure, and that lives its closed life. His scenes affect the state of this foreign minority, including the influence of European post-industrial society on its culture. The paintings act as a synthesis of visual situations that Praguers know from the surroundings of (not only) his studio in Prague's Žižkov. Asian bistros, restaurants, shops and merchants or service of oriental appearance in them. An everyday, usual world that we use daily for reasons of frugality. The commonness we encounter with these islands of Asian culture contrasts with their closedness and our ignorance of their character and functioning. The works of Vojtěch Horálek capture the strange existence of these parallel cultures. He paints a declining oriental appearance of companies, which in the middle of Bohemia and due to globalization is losing its uniqueness.